Wilder Lasso


producer: Wilder Lasso
region: Pitalito, Huila
elevation: 1890 m.a.s.l
species and varietal: arabica, Gesha
processing method: honey
fermentation: anaerobic

Wilder Lasso is relatively new to coffee. He became a coffee producer not long ago in 2017 when he returned home to help his father at his Farm El Diviso in the mountains of San Adolfo. Because of his passion for coffee and the family’s history in coffee producing, Wilder entered the coffee world by storm: he started not only with specialty coffee right away but with his background in genetics and his relentless energy of learning, he established a varietal program, which nowadays includes more than 12 different varieties carefully selected from different origins. This Gesha lot is one of the jewels of Wilder’s farm, made with a double anaerobic fermentation for a total of 140 hours. Finally, the coffee was dried under the sun for 18 days with tangerine peel and then rested for 25 days before milling.
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