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San Rafael


producer: Norma Iris Fiallos
region: Copán
elevation: 1330 m.a.s.l
species and variety: arabica, Parainema
processing method: natural
fermentation: spontaneous

Norma Iris Fiallos inherited her coffee plantation from her father back in 1982, which was originally founded by her grandfather, Manuel Calidonio, in 1906. For decades, the most common Bourbon variety was grown on the farm, until Norma's son, who graduated as an agriculturist, decided to plant new varieties and focus exclusively on specialty quality. From there, a new era began on the farm named San Rafael, which is now home to many exotic arabica varieties. Our current micro-lot was made from a selective harvest of the Parainema variety and was processed as a sundried natural. Parainema is a compact-sized, disease-resistant coffee tree that thrives at medium altitudes and produces beautiful, large-sized beans.
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