Wilfredo Ule Vargas runs his farm named Finca Alcatraz near the municipality of Oparapa in the Department of Huila. Wilfredo cultivates four different arabica varietals: Typica, Red Bourbon, Gesha and Caturra. Our cascara is made from the pulped husk of these varieties.

Wilfredo lives on his farm with his wife Yubely Trujillo and his two children Juan Camilo and Juan de Jesus. They've been producing coffee for approximately fifteen years, of which the last seven have been dedicated to the production of high-quality coffees. 5 out of the 7,5 hectares of Finca Alcatraz are used for coffee growing up to an elevation of 1850 metres above sea level. Wilfredo harvests selectively and once the pulping process starts, the husk is immediately placed on raised beds and after a couple of days, to the Marquesinas (mini-greenhouse), where the coffee is protected from the sun’s UV and finishes its drying process. Afterwards, both the coffee and the cascara undergo a manual cleaning and sorting process, using sieves. Finally, Wilfred cups the end results and continues to adjust his post-harvest processing where needed.
Only Cascara
  • lemonade
  • kombucha
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